Be Positive

Be Positive

It can be easy to get bogged down in life’s stresses, misadventures and obstacles. But there’s something to be said about the power of positivity, as thoughts, words and actions have the ability to transform into real world benefits. The key is strive to make your life a work of art. Yes, just like a Picasso, a Michael Angelo or Group of Seven painting, you have the ability to change your life for the better through

self-expression, optimism and mindfulness. Not only can positive thinking translate into improvements in your life, it can lead to a chain reaction, or ripple effect, touching the lives of others. Put yourself on the path of positivity with simple daily exercises, routines and thoughts that can lead to self-improvement and happiness. And with a healthy mind, complemented by a healthy body, you’re sure to get the most out of life. That’s why Adult Essentials® Womens Multi-Vitamin Gummies offer essential benefits so you can work to achieve an artful existence.

Make your life a work of art 

From the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you turn in for bed, there are ways to enlighten yourself. Simply go outside of your comfort zone a little bit to appreciate all life has to offer. Try these easy tips and see if you notice a difference!

  • Stand still under dark night sky
  • Take a moment to sit in solitude and just imagine
  • Go barefoot! Outdoors or indoors, it doesn’t matter
  • Be receptive to change
  • Be generous and tolerant
  • Let yourself be vulnerable
  • Be courageously empathetic
  • Appreciate the sun and the rain
  • Let go of things that are unnecessary
  • Find what makes you happy and DO IT
  • Keep a running ‘Ta-Da’ list of things you’ve accomplished rather than a conventional ‘To-Do’ list
  • Give a heartfelt compliment to people who truly deserve it
  • Take a different route. Whether it’s to work or home, on foot or by car, switch things up
  • Break a sweat

Made for you

Now continue your path to positivity by treating your body like a temple! Be sure you’re getting the essentials you need to live a healthy life with Adult Essentials Women’s Multi-Vitamins GummiesWe know that women are unique, that’s why you require a vitamin that’s designed specifically with your nutritional needs in mind. Carefully crafted in Canada, our gummies not only taste great, but have all the benefits of our adult multi-vitamins plus the extra benefits that women need, such as:

  • Higher levels of folic acid to support red blood cell formation
  • Calcium and Vitamin D to support bone health and reduce risk of osteoporosis as part of a healthy diet
  • Added Zinc for immune support
  • Pantothenic acid to support fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Iodine for Thyroid support

Simply the essentials and nothing else. Our complete line of vitamins and supplements are made from premium ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, and are guaranteed dairy, gluten and nut free. Adult Essentials Gummies provide the essential nutrients to live well.