Family Fun

Family Fun

With the busy lives we all live, it can be tricky to find the time to spend together as a family. If you find yourselves with a day off, take advantage of every precious moment, and declare a Family Day! Unfortunately, it’s not a statutory holiday, but it’s a notion everyone can get behind.

Treat the family to a day filled with fun. Whether you choose to cozy up indoors, or celebrate in the great outdoors, there are endless activities that allow you to create memories. And just as important as the time you spend with them, be sure to give your kids support for a growing mind and body with IronKids® Omega-3 Gummies. Because a healthy kid is a happy kid!

Celebrate Together

From the big city to small towns, odds are there’s something exciting going on in your community, so be sure to check your local listings. Here are a few ideas to celebrate your day together:

  • Explore Education: Choose your local science centre, museum, aquarium or zoo to encourage learning while doing something completely out of the ordinary.
  • Arts & Crafts: At home by the fire or out at a local art festival, let your kid’s creativity soar by engaging them through an artistic adventure.
  • Play Outside:One of the best things about living in Canada is the amazing benefits our land offers us. Embrace nature, get some exercise and explore a new park with the kids.
  • Festival Fun: From great food, family friendly games, rides, buskers and more, be on the lookout for a family themed festival near you. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained the whole day through and expose them to new things.
  • Cozy Up:It doesn’t have to be a busy day off, so make the most out of your home base. Pop some popcorn, pull up Netflix, bust out board games or even play Charades. The key is being together.

And remember, time spent with family should be encourage all year round, just like ensuring your kids take their vitamins!

Omega 3 for Smart Kids

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Kids Unlimited

Kids’ potential should know no limits. In the classroom or on the playground, IronKids Gummies are specially formulated to provide them with the right nutritional balance for the optimal development of strong minds and bodies.

Made with natural ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours and guaranteed dairy, gluten and nut-free. IronKids Gummies offer a complete line of vitamins and supplements to provide kids with everything they need to learn, play and grow.