Give your Body a Boost

Give your Body a Boost

We can all use a boost when it comes to our metabolism. Whether it’s your diet, a busy schedule or lack of physical activity, it can be diffiuclt to keep your body on track. Ensuring you get the vitamins you need is essential in supporting, as well as enhancing, many metabolic reactions in your body. These supplements are a necessary part of your diet in order to help burn fat, transport oxygen and produce energy. Specifically, Vitamin B-12 enables your body to efficiently metablozie fats, carbohydrates and protein. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, this B Vitamin also supports a healthy metabolism, which is an important ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Adult Essentials Vitmain B-12 Gummies, specifically designed with your needs in mind, are an irresistibly delicious way to give your body’s metabolism the healthy support it needs. As it’s not always easy to get the vitamins your system craves, it’s important to start with the essentials in order to live well. All in an easy to chew pectin-based gummy. Now, who doesn’t want all that?

A healthy metabolism for a healthier you

What type of benefits does a healthy metabolism offer? Well, it doesn’t just influence our bodies to gain or lose weight. It’s an important process for everyone, regardless of weight, age or lifestyle. When your body is efficiently processing the foods you eat, it transforms them into chemicals that allow for:

  • The support and growth of new cells
  • Maintainence of body tissues
  • Storing of energy for use in the future
  • Producing energy required for cellular activity
  • Heating of the body
  • Enabling muscles to contract and in turn, move the body
  • The release of waste products through skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines

Vitamin B-12 Benefits

Vital to the health and function of your nerve and blood cells, Vitamin B-12 also plays the following essential roles in addition to supporting a healthy metabolism:

  • Converts carbohydrates into glucose increasing energy production and decreasing fatigue
  • Helps to absorb and activate other B-complex vitamins and minerals, such as iron
  • Maintains a healthy digestive system while protecting against heart disease and unhealthy cholesteral levels
  • Essential in cell reproduction for healthy hair, skin and nails

Now that you know all the goodness it offers, which foods can you find this essential vitamin in? It turns out that Vitamin B-12 can only be sourced from animal and fortified foods. Therefore, those who avoid all animal products like vegetarians and vegans should look for alternatives such as soy products. The best sources of Vitmain B-12 include eggs, milk, cheese, milk products, fish, shellfish and poultry. Men and women, 19 and older should aim for 2.4 micrograms a day of Vitamin B-12. As it can be tough to always eat the right foods, Adult Essentials Vitamin B-12 Gummies are a tasty way to be sure you’re body is getting enough!

Adult Essentials Gummies make it irresistibly easy to get a nutritionally balanced start, with a range of vitamins made with natural ingredients. Whether it’s living a healthier, more active lifestyle or just getting more of what you need, even a good night’s sleep – start with the Essentials and live well. Adult Essentials Gummies are guaranteed dairy, gluten & nut free, made with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.