Keep Boredom at Bay

Keep Boredom at Bay

When the kids are out of school and hungry for excitement, there’s no need to hit the panic button – the best way to keep the kids busy is to be prepared. Even for the best of us, keeping the kids constantly entertained can be a little overwhelming, but the key is to offer a variety of wallet-friendly, easy to manage activities that are fun, unique and engaging. From staging a rock concert to inspiring your very own mini-magician, there are ways to get the most out of time spent at home.

And with all the inevitable running around the kids will be doing ensuring their bones and overall health are strong is imperative. Be sure to support their growing minds and bodies with IronKids® Vitamin D Gummies. Designed with plenty of Vitamin D specifically for kids, these gummies ensure your child meets the daily intake. Vitamin D is essential in the development of strong bones and teeth, which will allow your kid to stay busy and play happy.

Keep ’em busy

Give your kids a variety of entertaining things to do. Remember to offer them some options to ensure that they choose something they’re truly excited about. Let their passions guide the day’s activities. See what they think about these activities:

  • Rock On
    • Turn your living room into an amphitheater and let your kid’s musical talent shine. Let them choose their favourite songs and use one of these karaoke appsto help them with the lyrics. You just may have a star on your hands
  • Design Challenge
    • Inspire the inner interior decorator in them by allowing them to design and decorate a room in the house. Let their creativity soar and one day they may host their very show on the home improvement show
  • Little Houdini
  • Picnic Time
    • Have your kid’s friends over for an indoor picnic. Let the kids choose the theme and make it a potluck so everyone chips in. Strong teeth will come in handy here
  • Mini Martian
    • A fantastic way to encourage learning, get the kids interested in space, constellations and the planets. Grab the tablet and try these easy-to-use space appsfor kids so they can explore the mysterious universe
  • Puppet Theatre
    • Encouraging teamwork and creativity, this popular craft allows kids to get artistic and perfect their story telling skills. Learn how to set the stage here!
  • Meet a local hero
    • What kid doesn’t want to visit a fire station? Simply contact your local fire hall to arrange a tour and meet a local hero

Kids Unlimited

Kids’ potential should know no limits. In the classroom or on the playground, IronKids Gummies are specially formulated to provide them with the right nutritional balance for the optimal development of strong minds and bodies.

Made with natural ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours and guaranteed dairy, gluten and nut-free. IronKids Gummies offer a complete line of vitamins and supplements to provide kids with everything they need to learn, play and grow.