Start with the Essentials and Live Well

Start with the Essentials and Live Well

The gift of health is something we should all be thankful for. It allows us to do the things we enjoy and spend time with the people we love. With wellness on our side, the possibilities in life are endless! That’s why it’s important to give thanks to our bodies by treating them right. From the food we eat to the physical activity we do, being conscious of the effects on your health is essential.

That’s why we developed a line of vitamins and supplements to complement your wellbeing by providing a range of nutritional benefits. Adult Essential Gummies are the perfect way to show your appreciation for a healthy and happy life. See for yourself:

Pure Source Omega-3

Who knew Omega-3 could taste so good? The first 100% fish oil gummy designed specifically for adults. Carefully crafted in Canada, these delicious Adult Essentials Pure Source Omega-3 gummies are made with fish oil that is specially processed to remove impurities and fishy taste. With DHA and EPA, which play a key role in the optimal function of the brain and nervous system.

Women’s Multi Vitamin

Designed with the unique nutritional needs of women in mind. Adult Essentials Women’s Multi-Vitamins Gummies are a delicious way to get all the benefits of our adult multi-vitamins plus those things only women need.

Features & Benefits

  • Higher levels of folic acid to support red blood cell formation
  • Calcium and Vitamin D to support bone health and reduce risk of osteoporosis as part of a healthy diet
  • Added Zinc for immune support
  • Pantothenic acid to support fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Iodine for Thyroid support

Men’s Multi Vitamin

Chew on this, Adult Essentials Multi-Vitamin Gummies for Men are specifically designed with the right nutritional balance to support men’s health.

Features & Benefits

  • Chromium to support the metabolism
  • Iodine to support thyroid function
  • Magnesium to support muscle function and strong bones
  • Superior antioxidant protection from Selenium
  • Zinc for immune support
  • Lycopene which benefits as an antioxidant
  • Delicious and easy to chew pectin-based gummy

Adult Essentials Gummies make it irresistibly easy to get a nutritionally balanced start, with a range of vitamins made with natural ingredients. Whether it’s living a healthier, more active lifestyle or just getting more of what you need, even a good night’s sleep – start with the Essentials and live well. All Adult Essentials Gummies are guaranteed dairy, gluten & nut free, made with no artificial flavours or colours. And try IronKids® Gummies for your kids!